Partition magic Rebuild MBR

MBR, short for Master Boot Record, is located in the first sector (Sector 0) in a hard drive and composed of guidance-code, Master Partition Table and MBR mark. After the computer boots and finishes self-verification, it will firstly scout for MBR sector and read its guidance-code and then gives it boot authorization. Seen from this, if the MBR of a hard disk is damaged, all subsequent boot tasks of the operating system can not go on. As computer viruses on the internet are overflowing, viruses aiming at hard disk MBR are becoming more and more. If MBR is damaged by viruses, the operating system can not boot normally and partition loss may occur as well, which are not expected by everyone, so how to rebuild MBR is cared about by more and more users. But it is a very difficult thing to rebuild MBR manually for it requires users of a slew of related computer knowledge. For ordinary users who are not familiar with computer knowledge, we suggest that you use partition magic to rebuild MBR, because the operations are simple and secure. Even if having no professional computer knowledge, users can rebuild MBR with partition magic easily. Then we'll show how to rebuild MBR with partition magic easily and conveniently.

Rebuilding MBR with partition magic
When computer hard disk MBR is damaged, we'd better not reboot computer blindly because this kind of operation will bring many troubles to rebuilding MBR. We have to download a piece of excellent partition magic and use it to rebuild MBR. Please visit to download the partition magic boot disk and then use it to rebuild MBR.

First, run the boot disk on the computer where MBR has been damaged and then the partition magic's simple but utility interface will be shown. Select the disk of which MBR should be rebuilt and then click "Rebuild MBR", as follows.

And a pending operation appears in "Operations Pending" area. Then confirm the operation and click "Apply" to perform it, as follows.

After the operation is finished, rebuilding MBR with partition magic is finished as well.

Through so simple operation, rebuilding MBR with partition is accomplished easily. Do you also want to use this partition magic to rebuild MBR? Please download it.


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